I have some thick and unruly brows for sure so this process did take a bit longer than it would on say…someone with normal eyebrows. That being said here is what I did to block them out completely.

Here’s what I used:

  • Large Glue stick
  • Small spatula or you can use your finger nail like I did.
  • Translucent powder and puff pad
  • Yellow concealer stick
  • Full coverage foundation

Now what?

Give those lovely brows a nice brush through to get all hairs going in the right direction (Especially if you have thick brows like mine- Do not skip this step, you will hate yourself later). Then take that big ole glue stick and literally paint it over your brows. (extend over the edge a bit too) Let it dry then apply a coat of translucent powder with your puff pad. (..is that what its called?) Depending on your brows you’re going to want to do this process several times. Keep going until you get a nice thick layer on there. After your last powder take your yellow concealer stick and paint over every inch of your brows. (especially important if you have dark brows like me.)This will help get you that full coverage finished look. Another layer of powder then your good to go with your foundation. Wrap it up with a final powder and your good to go where ever you are going next with this no-brow look.

This is what I decided to do with the look once I was done…Actually, what I really wanted to do was some sort of cool sci-fi alien creature.. but I don’t have all the supplies I need yet. Just getting back into makeup again and the body-painting and fx exploration is relatively new.

Personally…I think i look a bit too ‘Drag’ for my liking but it was still a lot of fun to do!